Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes the policies and procedures of Vattanac Bank pertaining to the collection, use, retention and disclosure of your information (“Information”) on/in relation to/attached to the mobile applications and products Vattanac Bank offers (the “Services” or “Vattanac Mobile Banking”). This Information includes but is not limited to your transaction(s), financial condition(s), account relationship with Vattanac Bank and/or your Account(s) or Card(s). Through installation of, application for and/or the use of the Services or Vattanac Mobile Banking, you agree and authorize the Bank to collect, use and disclose your information pursuant to the terms and conditions below.

Under this Policy, the words “Bank”, “we”, “our” or “us” refer to Vattanac Bank. The words “you”, “your”, or “yours” refer to a user or customer using Vattanac Mobile Banking. The word “Account” refers to your bank account opened and held at Vattanac Bank. The word “Card” refers to your card issued by Vattanac Bank.

1. Information Collection

We may​​ collect your​ information for various purposes including the following:

2. Insufficient Information

You are supposed to provide sufficient relevant information requested by the Bank, failing which we may not be able to provide you with a product/service on Vattanac Mobile Banking.

3. Information Disclosure

Subject to the Bank’s general guidelines on confidentiality toward our customers and with applicable laws, you agree that Vattanac Bank may use and disclose your information to:

4. Data Retention

We may record and maintain any information you have provided, modified and/or deleted on Vattanac Mobile Banking.

In the event that you remove/uninstall from your phone or discontinue using Vattanac Mobile Banking, we still may retain some of your information to comply with our internal policies/guidelines and relevant laws governing data retention and management.

5. Data Security

Vattanac Bank strives to ensure the protection of your information. To secure your information, we adopt physical and electronic measures, i.e. the encrypted user PIN and two-step verification and two-factor authentication on PIN where possible. All connections with Vattanac Mobile Banking follow industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Having said that, we do not fully guarantee that your data cannot be accessed, disclosed, altered or deleted under various circumstances including but not limited to hardware or software failure or unauthorized use. You acknowledge and agree that you provide information to us at your own risk.

6. Changes and Updates

We may, from time to time revise or update the Policy to comply with applicable laws and/or conform to changes in our internal policies or business. When you access toVattanac Mobile Banking after an amendment to the Policy, you are deemed to have accepted the revised or amended terms and conditions.

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Policy is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the Laws of Cambodia. Any dispute arising from or in connection with the Policy shall be submitted to the competent court(s) of Cambodia.

8. Language

The Policy is written in Khmer and English and may be translated into other languages. Its Khmer version shall prevail over the English version and other translation versions in the event of any inconsistency or contradiction.